New Jersey Asian American Law Enforcement Officers Association
New Jersey Asian American Law Enforcement Officers Association

Our organization consists of sworn law enforcement officers from various local, state and federal agencies and citizens who are supportive of Asian Americans in law enforcement as well as the law enforcement community as a whole. Our primary goal is to recruit qualified Asian Americans into law enforcement so that the Asian American community would be adequately represented in local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. We promote cultural awareness and tolerance to create a strong bond and a working relationship between law enforcement and the community it serves.

Congratulations Ben!

The association is happy to announce the past advisor for the association and now the advisor for the NJAA Law Enforcement Foundation, and municipal prosecutor  wears another hat. That of newly elected councilman for the borough of Leonia. We wish Ben Choi Esq. the very best in his new position. Photo: Ben being sworn in as Councilman with his family.

A New Year, a new beginning


Patrol officers Lee and Coronel were conducting a detail in Jersey City to ensure the safety of our bus and light rail passengers. While in the area of MLK station the officers observed illegal activity inside a motor vehicle and conducted a stop. The investigation led to the seizure of a loaded handgun, illicit drugs, money, and the arrest of four occupants. In addition to safeguarding our State’s transportation system, NJTPD officers also contribute to the safety of the communities around our transportation facilities.

Brian is a long time member of the association. Excellent work, Kudos to Brian and his partner . A job well done!



The association is pleased to support long time association member Bruce Polkowitz for the position of PFRS Retiree Representative. Bruce brings a vast wealth of knowledge  from  his career in law enforcement, PBA leadership and private enterprise. Bruce is truly the right person for retiree representative to the PFRS BOARD OF TRUSTEES. You may read about Bruce within a recent copy of NJ COPS Magazine.
 To the members of the association, THANK YOU for your support,your time to translate, assist in law enforcement special details with the permission of your respective Chiefs/ Sheriffs. THANK YOU for making us the oldest, largest all inclusive Asian based fraternal law enforcement association in the State of New Jersey.
As of !2/28/18  148 law enforcement personnel have been killed in the line of duty in 2018
148 too many. Please take a moment to say a little prayer for those lost and those that continue to serve and protect within the great country we live in.
A State Trooper on patrol.  a great message. I am sure some of you have a similar story.


Please be careful & safe out there the rest of 2018 and into 2019.


Robert & Grace  Ex. Bd. members of the NJAALEOA

Attachments area

FLEOA Fights N.J.'s Illegal LEOSA Rules

The association would like to thank our members and supporters who are also members of  FLEOA who like our retired sworn members have  a concern in regards to the requirement of  carrying concealed as a resident of New Jersey. While the final outcome is still not final between Federal guidelines and that of the guidance put out by the NJ Attorney General's Office it is suggested  that one at this time comply with the Office of the Attorney General's  memorandum and apply and obtain a Carry Concealed permit issued by the NJSP. I suspect it would be a burden upon you and family if one  is justified and legally using his /her weapon and despite savings lives, and preventing the possible death of many, one is charged with not  carrying said weapon with a current NJSP permit. The mutt's family will try to have a field day with you in civil court despite fully compiling with the federal statutes of LEOSA. It is the hope this dispute gets resolved quickly for the sake of all sworn, retired and current.
please be safe and careful out there,
President Emeritus / founder  NJAALEOA
31 year sworn officer and now retired.
FLEOA Fights N.J.'s Illegal LEOSA Rules
The Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA) mandates that all active and retired law enforcement officers ("LEO's") be able to carry a concealed firearm anywhere in the United States subject to certain conditions, overriding most contrary state and local laws. See S. Rep. No. 108-29, at 4. The Act's purpose was two-fold - to protect active and retired officers and their families from "vindictive criminals," and to enable such officers to "respond immediately" to crimes spanning multiple jurisdictions. Id.; see also H.R. Rep. No. 108-560, at 4. The LEOSA provides that, "[n]otwithstanding any other provision of the law of any State or any political subdivision thereof," a "qualified law enforcement officer" or "qualified retired law enforcement officer" "may carry a concealed firearm that has been shipped or transported in interstate or foreign commerce," so long as the individual also carries the requisite identification. 18 U.S.C. §§ 926B(a), 926C(a). The LEOSA preempts state firearm regulation. Contrary to the LEOSA, the New Jersey Attorney General in a recently issued "Guidance," reiterated its policy that requires a LEOSA qualified retired LEO, who permanently resides in New Jersey, to annually apply to the New Jersey State Superintendent of Police for a permit to carry a firearm, under onerous criteria, the issuance of which is wholly discretionary, not mandatory. See N.J.S.A. 2C:39-6(L), and Guidance recently issued by the New Jersey Attorney General.

New Jersey has historically attempted to find ways to limit LEOSA's application to New Jersey residents. This "Guidance" is directly contrary to LEOSA. Under LEOSA, states have a mandatory duty to recognize the right to carry that LEOSA establishes. Congress did not afford states the discretion to redefine either who are qualified law enforcement officers or who is eligible for the LEOSA right.
Attached is a letter which has been sent to the Attorney General of New Jersey noting FLEOA's objection to a recent "Guidance" issued by the Attorney General. We will await a reasonable period of time for a response. If necessary, Outside Counsel will take necessary and proper steps to remedy this objectionable conduct of New Jersey Public Officials. 



General Membership Meeting 11/3/18

On November 3rd the NJAALEOA held its general membership meeting at the Korean Pinic Garden Buffet locatedin Edison NJ. Our sguest speaker was Deputy Chief Raymond Bryan of the Port Authority of NY & NJ PD. The Chief spoke of the history of the department and answered question from those in attendance. At the meeting several topics were discussed including the Ex. Bd's meeting with the honorable NJ Attorney General Grewal and his staff. The meeting kick off the 2019 membership drive. Great food, great guest, great company makes for a great meeting.

Meeting with NJ AG and 5 county prosecutor

On November 1, 2018 the Executive Board of the association met with the  honorable New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal and a number of his staff.  Much was discussed including  issues that affect not only the community at large but also it appears to effect older Asian Americans. Also a list of questions that you the membership sent in to the association as well as those by supervisory law enforcement personnel was given to the Attorney General for review and response. The meeting by all accounts very went well.


At the conclusion of the productive meeting the Executive Board was honored to meet with and briefly speak with FIVE County Prosecutors, of which one is a long time supporter of the association and super person,  Mercer County Prosecutor  Angelo J. Onofri. The Ex. Board hopes to start and maintain a dialogue with the other four honorable County Prosecutors.


Photo left to right: First Asst. Attorney General Jennifer Davenport, Jamie Yeh, OAG Diversity Officer Lora Fong,  Fred Rivera, R. May, Warren County Prosecutor Richard T. Burke,  Hudson County County Prosecutor Esther Suarez, Mercer County Prosecutor Angelo J. Onofri, ,  NJ Attorney General Gurbir Grewal, Joe Luistro, Sp. Asst. to the AG Joe Walsh, Sussex County Prosecutor Francis A. Koch and Grace Marotta.

On August 3nd Friday  a few executive board members of the association had the opportunity to conduct a meeting with New Jersey 1st Asst. Attorney General Jennifer Davenport.  (Her bio is contained with the NJ State Attorney General website) Discussed where issues of mutual concern and specific issues the association addressed on behalf of our members and supporters including  but not limited to the recently developed school resource officer directives. The meeting with the 1st Asst. Attorney General was held with NJAALEOA President Joe Luistro, Recording Secretary Grace Marotta and Pres. Emeritus Robert May. The association gave a synopsis of what the association has accomplished for the community and law enforcement over the years and what the association plans to  do in the future. 1st Asst. AG Davenport was given national and state wide materials that the association has been part of or started. The association also gave  her as a token of appreciation for all her  past, current and future work for the people of New Jersey  a statue of an ancient law enforcement  mythical being. The association is eager to continue  be part of the conversation when appropriate within the office of the Attorney  General as we were with the past two previous administrations.

Photos: 1st Asst. AG Davenport in the middles of the photos and with NJAALEOA President Joe Luistro.


wearing glasses Grace Marotta and Robert May

NJAALEOA 2018 Picnic

If you have not heard, the association with the Society of Asian Federal Asian Officers on June 30th will conduct its' 19th annual Career Fair and Law Enforcement Social aka Asian Fest.  We are honored and privileged to have recruiters from some of the top law enforcement agencies from the state of New Jersey as well as  the nation. This is an great opportunity  for any young adult who aspires a career within the professional law enforcement  field  to meet and network with and possibly start the process of employment with one of these top law enforcement agencies/departments. 


The association has pulled out all the stops as best we can to have a law enforcement social for those families of sworn personnel and those that support law enforcement.


The hot foods of hot dogs and hamburgers will go good with the hot Korean, Chinese, Philippine and Asian Indian foods. One may hydrate with several beverages that will be on hand. One can participate in the world famous Joe Luistro water balloon toss while listening to music from the DJ, or take  (Adults) a ride on a DWI go cart simulator or actually learn how to crawl  out of a simulated fire while in the Smoke house. All children with permission can be fingerprinted  with the print cards going directly to the parent or guardian for safekeeping. Feel strong? Donate a little blood at the Central Jersey blood bank bus and receive a super voucher for donating. Plus much more and all for 10. pp  The Career Fair is free to all that seek a law enforcement career and ONLY use the career fair part of the program. To law enforcement executives, college administrators and professors and others who are aware of indidvuals who seek a career in law enforcement. Please inform said indidvuals to possess resumes, and dress is  neat causal ., meaning no flip flops/sandals, no tank tops, &  no stupid worded tee shirts. These youngsters are seeking a career and should be in attire to represent that goal in an out door setting. To all that that have spread the word of this once a year unique recruiting  opportunity , thank you.  Set to attend  and speak is  1st Asst. New Jersey Attorney General Jennifer  Davenport.


The weather for the day should be very good. Add super recruiters from top notch law enforcement agencies, great foods, a heck of a lot of activities, attended by super people and one has  just one super, great, fantastic day! See you all on the 30th!!



UPDATE: Photos!!!! We want to thank all who came out. It was an amazing event full of friends, family, and agencies! We hope you all had a fantastic time, and we hope to have a bigger and better event next year!



Dear Fellow Brothers & Sisters,


On the behalf of New Jersey Asian American Law Enforcement Officers Association, we would like to wish you and your family & love ones a very safe and happy holiday! 


It's that time of the year again to provide you with a reminder of NJAALEOA membership renewal. Our 2017 association membership runs from October 2016 through September 2017.  


If you have already submitted your membership dues via personal check or association's website, we thank you! Please kindly disregard this notice. 


If you have not yet renewed your membership, for your convenience, we hereby provide you with the following direct payment links for your specific membership category:


SWORN Law Enforcement Officer Membership - $40.00 / year


ASSOCIATE Membership - $40.00/year


CORPORATE Sponsor Membership - $150 / year


If you would like to purchase Association T-Shirts, the cost is $10.00 per T-Shirt, please kindly indicate SIZE preferences (S, M, X, or EX) at the paypal NOTE section upon check out. Thank you!


Should you have any questions or if you do not have a PAYPAL account - but would like to submit payment via credit card, please feel free to contact us at PIO.NJAALEOA@GMAIL.COM, we will be more than happy to assist you through the payment process. 


Thank you!




Membership Committee

New Jersey Asian American Law Enforcement Officers Association

P. O. Box 958

Old Bridge, New Jersey 08857


NJAALEO 20th Anniversary Dinner

What an amazing night and a great dinner to commerate our 20th Anniversary! Thank you to everybody who attended, as well as our sponsors for making it happen! Big thanks to E-board for the planning and the details. See also Events section for more photos.

Updated 6/5/2016

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