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Asians in Law Enforcement.... Perfect Together. Why would an Asian resident of New Jersey consider a career in law enforcement? The answers are as diverse as the reasons why Asians do not seek a career within the field.


Our young Asian generation is often pulled away from a career in law enforcement by our family members. Parents and grandparents of Asian children often believe the law enforcement field is an undesirable career option because of their observations of policing back in Asia and the sensationalized media coverage here where the focus is often negative. This is only now slowly changing as Asians become more aware of the many benefits of a career in law enforcement.

Competition from other career avenues diminishes the pool of available Asians seeking jobs within law enforcement. Positions such as in banking, engineering, computer programming and many other jobs that are popular with Asians are vulnerable to our fluctuating economy and this often means downsizing and layoffs. Seeking second and third career starts as we get older is not an easy task for most of us. Fortunately a career in law enforcement is historically one that ensures job security. Most people who enter the law enforcement field remain for at least twenty to twenty-five years and finish with a substantial pension for their public service.


The hiring process for obtaining law enforcement employment within a municipality can at times seem difficult. Some municipalities prefer to hire from within its borders. A recent publication described how six out of eight newly hired police officers were relatives of current or retired police officers from the same departments. However, Asian officers are also welcomed and wanted by many towns and cities. And despite the odds, Asians must continue to strive forward and take the entry law enforcement tests whenever possible.


Sworn law enforcement officers may encounter dangers of varying degrees during their careers, but that is only one aspect of the job. Sworn law enforcement officers will also save lives, make a difference to the community and have a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that many other careers do not offer.


There is a genuine need to have Asians seek careers within the law enforcement field in New Jersey. The NJ Asian American Law Enforcement Officers Association continually seeks Asians who desire a rewarding career in law enforcement. There are as many benefits as there are challenges. Email if you are interested in a career in law enforcement.  


Robert May


President Emeritus, NJAALEOA 




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